Type 1, Event Produced Photos:

Event produced photos are usually created in a photographic darkroom at the stadium/arena in which the event was held. The photographer or an assistant would process the photographic film (rolls or sheets in the case of 4"x5" film) and select the negative(s) to print. Once the print was produced a separate sheet was produced with the caption for the image. There were different processes throughout the decades regarding what happened to the event produced photographic prints. For many years, the original prints were collected with the corresponding photographic negatives and forwarded to the business that the photographer worked for via personal delivery or separate courier. 

Then the ability to scan the print in the event darkroom and transmit it to the business enabled the delivery of the images without having to forward the physical prints. This also enabled the photographers to leave a white margin at the top, bottom or one side of the print to place the image caption. This makes the event produced prints easy to identify, since the paper for the caption was glued on top of the photographic paper. In some cases, these prints were also forwarded to the business and archived. In other cases, they were either collected and retained by the photographers or thrown away at the event site.

We are fortunate to have several thousand Type 1 event produced prints, primarily from the Ron Kuntz and Bob Olen archives.